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Disclaimer: the presentation simulation software is developed based on scientific background,
but has not been tested in a controlled environment. Overcoming the fear of public speaking can not be guaranteed.

The Next Generation

Virtual Reality Training

Presentation Simulator (PSIM) is a virtual reality software application designed for the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive that allows you to present your presentation in front of a virtual audience.

virtual reality head set oculus rift

The presentation simulator software (PSIM) requires an functional Oculus Rift or other VR hardware in combination with a pc or laptop that is powerful enough to run the PSIM application.

Please visit the official website of Oculus VR to order the Oculus Rift

What does Presentation Simulator provide?


Presentation Simulator provides a simple, affordable, and immersive virtual reality exposure experience.

Immerse yourself in virtual reality (VR)

Practice your own presentation in a virtual environment in front of a diverse audience. Experience how it feels to speak before virtual avatars with different types of behavior and emotions (positive neutral and negative).

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET)

In the past, expensive VR equipment was only available for medical and academic research. Now, consumer VR headsets are taken over the market allowing for VRET applications to enter your living room and for the first time, consumers are given the opportunity of performing self help to overcome speech anxiety

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